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Hologram Box

The Magical Hologram Box

The incredible Hologram Box builds on the famous ghost-appearing-on-stage (Dircksian Phantasmagoria) technique of the 1860’s. It’s also a nod to John Henry Pepper, the man best known for incorporating the effect into theatres. A huge thrill for audiences of times gone by, holographic displays continue to astound audiences today.

Advertising and Marketing Made Easy

The Hologram Box from  is a terrific marketing tool for almost any business. Put simply, it will engage customers in a way that few products can. The product’s ability to make an object seemingly appear, or disappear into thin air is where the magic begins. The Hologram Box also enables morphing between two (or more) objects and can even make an object transparent. If your end goal is to advertise your business or product, or you just want to engage customers and entertain clients, theHologram Box does this and more in an innovative and unique way.

Customisable Sizes and Features

Standard Hologram Box models offer anywhere from 1 to 4 viewable sides, depending on your requirements. You can also request a customised size that is tailored to your individual and creative needs. For larger requests,  can be made to any order size or specifications. Whether you want a single standard model Hologram Box, or you’re placing a large order for numerous models, this innovative product will astonish everyone who encounters it.


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